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Founded in 2000, zhongfutai is a national high-tech enterprise. Acoustic decoration engineering company with technology and sound and light integration technology research and development and application as the core, to provide customers including acoustic environmental acoustic decoration, lighting sound engineering planning and design, configuration and integration of sound and light for the integration of architectural acoustics engineering overall solution, widely used in culture, education, sports, tourism, entertainment, building, commercial buildings, transportation and other fields, such as: theaters, concert halls, schools, multi-function hall/hall), culture and art center, conference center, radio and television, cinema, gym, theme pavilion theater, exhibition hall, museum, planning, etc. It is a model of professional development in China's architectural decoration industry.

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By the end of 2018, more than 200 large-scale theater projects have been built with the help of zhongfutai, and the projects include grand theater, theater, concert hall, exhibition hall, library, museum and other types, all over the country.
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